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I'm a 32 yr old female, living in NYC, I'm Puerto Rican and Philippine. I write random shyt, i post random shyt, dont like it, unfollow...

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Morning Train ride to work

my insecurities are stressing me out this morning, almost had a panic attack on the train….


Fuck anyone who hasn’t seen this.

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"What is up with Giving Tree here?”

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I dont even know what to say, this summer has turn out to a shitty one.

First we went to PA and i couldnt do anything, wasnt allowed to see my family. The weather has been shit. Rain, cold and winding. So we havent gone to the beach, pool or any BBQs. My son ended up getting sick from another kid and was outta school for a week. I have high blood pressure and was outta work for 2 weeks which sucks, Me being outta work means no money. No money means i cant buy or go anywhere, this lazy fuck doesn’t wanna do nothing or go any where cause he’s on “vaca”, but he stays here seeing how pissed he can make me. But i’m suppose to be calm, right? Had a major leak in my apt, cause the dumb bitch upstairs, her tub back up and over flowed, and she didn’t report it till we started complaining. I hate this building. I’m glad to be working tomorrow, so i can make some extra money. I’m so tired of this city, of the way my life is. And i have no money to change it. Been in a fowl mood all week. Depress, and do you think anyone cares? nope, but that’s my life, and if i spaz out or be nasty towards ppl, they act confuses like wtf is your problem.

Ariel + vibrant colors
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